‘My wife has a penis, I found out on my wedding night’ – Man cries out

What a stunning.

In this way, a Nigerian man has shouted out to relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin and his group of onlookers about his better half who he guarantees has a penis.

In the Email sent to Olumofin, he uncovers that they dated for over a year and she never for once got exposed before him, Insisting on ‘No sex before marriage’.

He says they got hitched on Monday, seventeenth of April, and before the gathering, he beseeched her for sex, yet she can’t. He says he concurred in light of the fact that ‘a little tension is constantly great’.

Wedding night arrived, however to his most prominent amazement, he saw his ‘delightful spouse’ with an erect penis when the time had come to get down.

“I nearly punched him/her,” he said “She said she was conceived that path yet for Pete’s purpose why did she conceal a wonder such as this from me? I can’t quit crying”, The troubled prep composed.

“I assembled my life around her, I’m feeble, I can’t tell my companions. I have a craving for heading off to the tidal pond or simply taking otapiapia” He composes.

Perused his full writeup beneath:

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