Mama June shocks by dropping into Sugar Bear’s wedding after massive weight loss effort in dramatic From Not to Hot finale

Mama June Shannon made a grand entrance as she showed off her considerable 150-pound weight loss at her ex Sugar Bear’s wedding on Friday’s Mama June: From Not to Hot finale on WeTV.

‘I think everybody here is shocked to see Mama because nobody’s seen her since she was over 400 pounds,’ her daughter Lauryn, known as ‘Pumpkin,’ correctly predicted, as heads turned to a chorus of ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ while the reality star showed off her new look at the Georgia wedding.

The magic moment made for the highlight of the episode, much of which dealt with June coming to terms with her new life – and making peace with people from her old one.

The episode was built around Jennifer’s wedding to Sugar Bear (Mike Thompson), as the bride-and-groom-to-be bickered over Mama June’s presence at their nuptials, as Sugar Bear argued to let her come for Alana’s sake.

Sugar Bear’s new wife Jennifer Lamb conceded – but as a condition, made clear she did not want June entering their home. Jennifer said while browsing through wedding favors: ‘I don’t want June at my wedding at all – but I’m doing it cause of Mike, and Alana is his daughter.’

But after the exes met up prior to the wedding – and Sugar Bear invited June into the home – Jennifer’s arrived to see the newly-svelte June, and the bad blood was soon flowing. Jennifer said, ‘What are you doing in my house? Regardless of if he invited you in, I didn’t invite you here.’

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