Angelina Jolie's ex Billy Bob Thornton says he wants to work with Brad Pitt: "We'd be great together" | Secretgist

Angelina Jolie’s ex Billy Bob Thornton says he wants to work with Brad Pitt.
The Fargo actor has revealed he would like to team up with the Fury star despite sharing the same ex.
He told the new issue of Playboy magazine: “This might surprise people, but I’d love to do a movie with Brad Pitt. I think we’d be great together. We’d play a couple of Southern guys.”
Meanwhile, the 61-year-old actor previously claimed Angelina “seems OK” amid her custody battle with Brad.

He said: “She’s seems, you know, OK to me when I talk to her. I don’t talk to her that often though. You know? Once in a blue moon we come together. Every now and then we talk, you know? Whatever.

“But when people are going through their trials and tribulations I try to leave them alone unless they want to talk to me. In other words, I figure it’s none of my business. Unless someone makes it my business it’s none of my business.”
And Billy recently admitted he didn’t think he was “good enough” for Angelina.

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