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When NB Plc unveils Odunlade Adekola as Goldberg host

The hospitality scene in Ibadan, Oyo State was dazzled and buoyed with a touch of excellence by the Nigerian Breweries Plc on Sunday 13 November, 2016 when Goldberg, one of its products was publicly christened as His Excellency.

In its characteristic and tradition of excellence in products branding and launching, the Nigerian Breweries rolled out its red carpet, sought out one of the best Nollywood actors, Odunlade Adekola, got the best emerging fuji act Twins Phobia, with Small Doctor, Tope Ayeni and located the most suitable central arena, Cultural Centre (popularly called Orioke) and schemed between 7 and 10 pm (after Church activities) for the christening of Goldberg as His Excellency.

Being a package for His Excellency, NB Plc transformed the Orioke platform of the Cultural Centre, Ibadan into a beautiful palatial palace, decked with posh furniture, attractive large banners, fixtures and fittings touched with colourful lighting effects fit only for the indulgence of His Excellency.

When NB Plc unveils Odunlade Adekola as Goldberg host

In its tradition of promoting and identifying with the cultural heritage of the people, NB Plc buffeted the evening of the branding of Goldberg as His Excellency with a high performing group which put up spectacular show to the admiration of guests. The choice of Adekola as the Master of Ceremony was not only apt but seemed an answer to the yearning of the Ibadan hospitality patrons who must have been seeking to see or meet the Nollywood rave physically.

Adekola was able to stoke the event excellently well not only by his exemplary management of the many acts who entertained the guests, but also by personally interacting with the guests and the multitude who graced the christening of Goldberg as an excellent beer and article of hospitality.

Mr Funso Ayeni, Senior Brand Manager, NB Plc, who led the train of the branding of Goldberg as His Excellency educated the press and the public of the necessity for the change in appellation.

“It is in our tradition in NB Plc to strive hard in not only brewing the best of drinks for the hospitality need, but to always intimate the consuming public the inherent value and attributes of each of these drinks. And this is why NB Plc has made it a mandate of touring the country as part of Corporate Social Responsibility and brand marketing to always sensitize the public about the values in our products”

He pointed out “Goldberg is not only a first class product both in taste, packaging and satisfaction but is excellently brewed as an excellent drink for excellent people. Hence, the christening as His Excellency”

Mr Ayeni revealed “the branding and the show is also to prove our sense of appreciation to patrons and to intimate them the virtue in what they are drinking. Every drink has a credential for identity. This is to distinguish each according to their effects in taste and level of satisfaction. Goldberg has an excellently smooth and satisfying taste. This earns him the name His Excellency.

The christening was not of fun, dance, display and merriment only as NB Plc utilised the question and answer session to educate the public about some misconceptions about beer.

“Beer has no sugar content as being peddled around and it is not the cause of big belly. Beer is brewed absolutely with natural ingredient of wheat, barley and grains without any addictive. It is also 96 per cent of water. So when you drink Goldberg, you will not have bulging belly neither will it aid diabetes, what you have is an excellently polished skin aided by Goldberg His Excellency’

Mr Ayodele Idowu, Publisher Mega Icon Online described the christening of Goldberg as His Excellency as ‘apt, proper and fit. As a patron of Goldberg beer of the shelf of Nigeria Breweries, I can testify to the fact that, both in taste, satisfaction and throat pleasing Goldberg is Excellent. Thus, the NB Plc is not wrong for naming Goldberg His Excellency for it is an excellent drink in all its raminifications. I rise”.

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