'You could bleed to death' - Kris Jenner warns daughter Kim K to avoid third natural pregnancy | Secretgist

In the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians on E!, Kim
Kardashian, 36, was warned by her mother Kris Jenner to avoid trying to
give birth naturally again. ‘You could bleed to death,’ said Kris,
especially since Kim had traumatic pregnancies and births thus far.

mother of two, North and Saint West, insisted that she would like to
have a third child and visited a doctor to see if her body could handle
another pregnancy.

However, Kim was warned about the serious risks
involved. The doctor warned her about ‘postpartum hemorrhage’ and
suggested that she should use a surrogate instead.

Her sister
Kourtney agreed with the Idea of a surrogate. Kourtney told her that if
she used a surrogate ‘no one would have to know’. ‘You could have a baby
for an entire year and no one would know.’

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