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Are you a fanatic of custom and customized typing experiences and have been so for some time, odds are that SwiftKey is your weapon of decision on Android, or at lest was at some point. It is one of the most former and most develop applications inside its specialty and designers tend to consider their work on it important, pushing updates regularly.


The most recent such package is as of now live on the Google Play Store and, among other things, acquaints a brand new usful heature – Incognito mode. Much the same as an in incognito tab on most any modern web browser, the flip powers SwiftKey to briefly prevent recording and gaining from what you write. That way, you can spare yourself from some humiliating autocomplete suggestions later down the road.

SwiftKey SwiftKey SwiftKey SwiftKey

Another new addition to the custom keyboard are expanded QWERTY designs for Swiss German and Swiss Italian. A couple of terrible bugs have been managed away with also. Themes should now download after only a solitary tap, as intended. And swiping to move the cursor back and forth in Chinese, shouldn’t crash the application any more.

update swiftKey

As already mentioned, the update is live on the Play Store, so in the event that you have the application installed, just check for it there. and if you are not the fan of SwiftKey user, you should definitely check it out for one of the better AI-powered typing experiences for Android out there. Perhaps it will be a good fit.

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