Outrageous couple filmed having sex pressed up against hotel window opposite packed London office | Secretgist

A cocky couple has been noted on camera engaging in sexual relations opposite a bustling London office with no attempt at being subtle.

The couple was recorded doing their thing for 20 minutes while squeezed up against a window in the city’s Motel One. Awesome!

The glamorous hotel has reportedly turned into a well known movie centre– with passers by, workers and other people regularly looking at the hot session of the couples.

Local people think the unusual couple “must have done the thing deliberately” for viewers excite – and that they were “plainly having a good time”.

One staggered passerby said: “It’s clearly not the sort of thing you see every day. We couldn’t generally trust it.

“It was taken a week ago and since Monday, the escapade has been going round to every one of the laborers on WhatsApp who work in the zone.

Addressing The Sun, the laborer included: “Everyone in the workplace is discussing it.”

It’s suspected that the footage was recorded by protection laborers situated in London’s financial district.

Motel One declined to remark when approached to discuss on the act by Mirror Online.

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