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Prince Harry spent a wild Halloween weekend partying with his rumoured new girlfriend Meghan Markle, at a club so exclusive you can’t join unless you’re recommended by two other members.
pair, who have reportedly been dating since August 2016, hit up Soho
House Toronto for a spooky themed party on Saturday night.

It’s thought they’ve been staying together at Meghan’s apartment for a
whole week now, ever since the prince, 32, flew to Toronto last
Thursday following a royal engagement in Nottingham.
The Sun claims Harry even went trick-or-treating armed with a mask as part of the weekend’s celebrations.

Membership of the Toronto branch of the Soho House chain costs nearly
£1,700 a year, with a £240 joining fee – but your money’s no good
unless two existing members of the club ‘propose’ you.
inside, a pint of Guinness costs £5 a go and the most expensive bottle
of champagne – Dom Perignon, natch – will set you back £420.

Soho House prizes its discretion, so members are reminded not to use their phones or take photos while they’re partying.
was reported that Harry had cancelled his planned trip to Toronto after
news of his ‘secret’ relationship broke over the weekend.
and Meghan – a ‘Heghan’ portmanteau waiting to happen – have apparently
been dating since August 2016, a few weeks after meeting via a mutual
friend in June.
Although neither of them have publicly confirmed their romance, Meghan, 35, has been dropping hints on her Instagram.

Local gossip sites reported that neighbours in the upmarket Dupont
Street area of Toronto – thought to be where Meghan lives – spied black
SUVs idling at the curb earlier this week.
One resident told the Toronto Sun that she’d approached two of the security guards and asked who they were.
Halloween day, I came out of the house and there were two guys with the
window open and I walked right up to them and said, ‘Who are you? The
cops?’ and he said, ‘Yeah, we are’,” she revealed.

“They were undercover, everyone in the neighbourhood saw them,” she added.
“I’ve seen her. I remember seeing a girl and thinking she stands out, that she was exceptionally good looking.”

Back in the UK, a source close to the royal family has told the Daily
Mail that Prince Harry is “happier than he has been for many years”,
and he’s said to have already introduced Meghan to his dad, Prince
Charles, and to his cousin, Princess Eugenie.
He won’t be taking Meghan to meet the Queen until they are both sure their romance will end in marriage, the newspaper claims.
who was married to Trevor Engelson until their divorce in 2014, has
spoken in the past about her desire to start a family.

Speaking to Best Health magazine earlier this year, Meghan explained
how she’s contracted to film two more series of the sitcom Suits in
Toronto, but she’s already planning her future.
“I love doing
comedy. Other bucket-list items: I want to travel more and I can’t wait
to start a family, but in due time,” she added.
While there are
no laws against members of the royal family marrying previously married
people, under the 1772 Royal Marriages Act they must have permission
from the ruling monarch to marry anyone.


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