Transgender women from US armed forces accuse Trump

Dismissal? Pension payments? The prohibition of military use for transgender could affect up to 10,000 people. Five transgender women complain.

Five transgender women from the US armed forces accuse President Donald Trump and the Pentagon – after Trump has announced that no transgender will serve in the army. With the lawsuit filed on Wednesday before a federal court, the women want to see that Trump reactivated transgender offer is declared constitutional.

Originally, the armed forces had been officially open to transgenders since July . According to an order from the former President Barack Obama, the transgender bid for the army should thus be abolished. This date was then postponed by the Pentagon by a half-year at short notice to have time for further examinations.

Trump then announced two weeks ago about short message service Twitter that transgender “in any function” should serve in the army. Secretary of Defense James Mattis was on vacation at the time of the announcement.

Lawsuit against Trump and Mattis
The National Center for the Rights of Lesbians (NCLR) and the legal aid organization Glad filed the lawsuit together on behalf of the five women. They sue Trump, Mattis, and other high military officials.

Head of the NCLR Legal Department, Shannon Minter, said: ” Transgender militia workers were negatively surprised by this change.” According to the complaint, the women are confronted with the questions of whether they are being dismissed now and whether they are losing their retirement pensions.

Transgender is a concept for people who are born in the wrong body, as well as for those who can not be attributed to a clear gender. Among the 1.3 million active members of the US armed forces, it is estimated that between 1320 and 15,000 transgender people

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