North Korea is challenging the US with missile attack plans

Pyongyang reacts unimpressed to US threats and mocks Trump. Meanwhile, South Korea warns of a further escalation and calls the National Security Council.

North Korea’s military leadership has been unconcerned with recent threats by US President Donald Trump and has been ridiculed for his martial remarks. “Material dialogue is not possible with such a type of reason, only with absolute strength is it to deal with it,” said a statement from the army, which the North Korean state agency KCNA quoted. Trump obviously ignored the seriousness of the situation and the recent warnings from Pyongyang, quoted the paper further. The North Korean military “gets on its nerves”.

Prior to this, Trump North Korea had threatened to openly threatened North Korea, as no US President had said, “North Korea should better not expose any further threats to the US, and will be met with fire and anger as the world has never seen before.” Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson tried to smooth the waves after a 24-hour radio tune and said that Trumps had harsh words deliberately chosen because another language of Kim Jong-un was not understood.

He also tried to soothe the American population. It is not to be expected that North Korea has a weapon that could hit the US and that it will prevent anything from degenerating into an open conflict, but if there is war, it will not take place in the United States.

However, North Korea responded with the threat of firing several missiles at Guam. On the US Pacific island inhabited by 160,000 people, there is a strategically important base for the American military.

South Korea warns clearly against further “provocations”
In the new statement from Pyongyang, it is now said that by the middle of August, plans will be made for four medium-range missiles to fly over Japan and to overthrow about 30 to 40 kilometers before Guam. The flight distance of almost 3,360 kilometers could cover the missiles within less than 18 minutes. As soon as the deployment plans were finalized, President Kim Jong-un decided on how to proceed.

On Thursday, South Korea’s armed forces warned the north of the conflict in an unusually clear manner. If communist neighbors were not to abandon their “provocations”, “the hard and resolute retaliation of the Allies” would be felt, said General-Chief Roh Jae-cheon. It was prepared to immediately counter the “provocations” of North Korea. South Korea’s National Security Council was scheduled to meet at an emergency meeting on Thursday (8:00 AM CEST).

According to information from the New York Times, Trump had not previously discussed his “Fire and Anger” utterances with his staff. The president spontaneously responded to a reporter’s question, the newspaper reports. It is based on statements from consultants Trumps.

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson had said moderately. At a stop on Guam, Tillerson said he did not believe there was an immediate threat that Americans could sleep peacefully. Trump had only wanted to answer the North Korean rhetoric in the same language.

North Korea could only lose its armor
Defense Minister James Mattis, on the other hand, issued a warning to Pyongyang: “The Democratic People’s Republic should abandon every thought of actions leading to the end of their regime and the destruction of their people.” Although the US Department of State is trying to master the threat by diplomatic means. However, Mattis also referred to the experience and superior impact of the US forces. North Korea could only lose an armor.

Trump said Wednesday, “My first order as President was to renew and modernize the nuclear arsenal, and now it is far stronger and more powerful than ever before.” The “Washington Post” and numerous US military experts pointed out that a modernization of the Arsenal was simply impossible within six months.

China’s official news agency Xinhua sharply criticized the verbal strike exchange between the US and North Korea. In a commentary, it was said that “nothing would be worse” without a “return to reason”. North Korea should cease its nuclear and missile program while the US and South Korea suspend their military maneuvers to return to the negotiating table. Japan’s government also called for moderation, but appealed exclusively to Pyongyang.

Despite the prohibition of the UN Security Council and warnings from abroad, North Korea had tested an intercontinental rocket on 28 July. According to calculations by experts, this had a theoretical range of around 10,000 kilometers. North Korea’s chief Kim said after the test that the mainland of the US is now within reach. In response to the rocket test, the UN Security Council imposed the most severe economic action against North Korea.

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