In Innsbruck, election officers will get more money in the future

Instead of up to now 44 euros, electors in the Tyrolean state capital will get paid for 70 euros. This is intended to increase the interest in the activity.

Innsbruck is already looking for election officials for the national elections and the Olympic elections on 15 October. In total, more than 15,000 people are needed for this activity (of which 4221 for the election of the National Council, 3384 for the OlympiaReferendum plus substitute members), reports the ORF Tirol on Thursday. However, as the interest in the latter has declined sharply, the state capital wants to lure the volunteers with an increase in the compensation payments.

According to ORF, the payment is currently to be jacked up from 44 euros to 70 euros. However, the money is tied to a condition: Only, who is training, gets the higher sum.

This article originally appeared on diepresse.

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