“Hacker” posing as Theresa May’s advisor

According to The Guardian, the subject managed to have direct communication with the leader of communications of the conservative leader through the personal account of the policy.

A hacker posing as the new communications adviser to British Prime Minister Theresa May managed to fool Interior Minister Amber Rudd into a fake e-mail exchange, the Guardian reports today.

The imposter, who uses the name “Sinon Reborn,” and who in the past has had as object of his jokes members of the team of the President of the United States, Donald Trump, managed to have direct communication with Rudd through the personal account of politics.

Robbie Gigg, the communications director of the Conservative leader, said today, and from a false address, the prankster first addressed the head of the Interior by sending a message to the public access account Email address of the British Parliament.

He then engaged in a brief exchange of messages with Rudd, who answered from his private address.

According to the transcript of the messages, dated July 7, Rudd realized the deception after a first exchange of courtesies.

When the impostor asked her what projects she was working on, the minister replied, “Well, as you can imagine, there are a few things on the agenda, but taking tougher measures against people posing as others is definitely one of them”

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