The United States sanctions eight Venezuelans, including Chavez’s brother

Treasury Department freezes its assets under US jurisdiction and prohibits its citizens from doing business with them.

The United States has imposed new economic sanctions against eight Venezuelan government officials, including Adán Chavez, brother of the late leader Hugo Chávez, for his support of the Constituent Assembly recently formed by the government of Nicolás Maduro.

The punishment imposed by the Treasury Department involves freezing their property under US jurisdiction and prohibiting their citizens from doing business with them.

In addition to Chavez, Francisco Ameliach, Erika del Valle, Carmen Meléndez, Ramón Vivas, Hermann Escarra, Tania D’Amelio and Bladimir Lugo appear on the list .

In this way, they already outnumber Venezuelans sanctioned by Washington in recent weeks, including Maduro himself and 13 senior government officials.

According to the Treasury Department, the Constituent Assembly “that seeks to rewrite the Venezuelan Constitution and dissolve the institutions of that country was created through an undemocratic process.”

Among the measures that criticize Caracas is the dismissal of Attorney General Luis Ortega.

This article originally appeared on t13.

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