Chika Ike Intends To Celebrate Her Harvard Admission In An Honourable Way

Nollywood actress, Chika Ike was overjoyed after she recently got accepted into Harvard Business School after being rejected for 5 years.

Still celebrating her admission after trying for 5 years, Nollywood actress, Chika Ike, has pledged to pick and help a random follower who needs educational support.

Chika Ike, who thanked her fans for their support and congratulatory messages, wrote;

“Thank you all for the love and congratulatory messages , i truly appreciate it…you’re next in line for a testimony….God bless you . In the spirit of my Harvard celebration , it was laid on my heart to give to someone in need of educational support . I’ll like to randomly pick someone who needs educational support ….could be payment of fees or anything pertaining education. Let me know what you need it for …. please be honest . ❤️😘#goodmorning #harvard #africadiva#giveaway”

Here’s what she said:

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