Kylie Jenner donates $10k to Jordyn Woods’ family after BFF’s dad dies from cancer

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star sent the donation via a GoFundMe page, which was created by her friend’s father’s widow, Elizabeth, to help towards the cost of his outstanding medical bills.

The description on the site, reads: “This hit us from nowhere. “We are emotionally, mentally and financially impacted and are still aware of how this devastating loss will truly impact on our family.”

As we begin to plan for John’s services, we are still saddles with a portion of his medical expenses.”Kylie has given the family a fifth of the amount they need, which is $50,000.

Kylie Jenner donated $10,000 to her best friend Jordyn Woods’ family following her dad’s death.

Alongside her donation, the 19-year-old beauty business owner wrote: “I love you guys very much.”

The brunette reached out to Jordyn and their family last Wednesday, a day after her friend revealed John died of cancer, just two weeks after being diagnosed with the disease.

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