Religion Is Not the Problem With Nigeria -Wole Soyinka

Soyinka: Religion Is Not the Problem With Nigeria, By Francis Anekwe Oborji

Our renowned Nobel laureate in Literature, one of Africa’s most respected intellectual giants, Prof. Wole Soyinka, was recently quoted as having accused religion as the cause of Nigeria’s woes and, indeed, of the world in general. Soyinka asked that religion be tamed and stigmatised. According to the Nigerian Punch newspaper of January 13, 2017, Prof. Soyinka at the presentation of a book, Religion and the Making of Nigeria, written by Prof. Olufemi Vaughan, said, among other things:

“President Muhammadu Buhari had said if Nigeria did not kill corruption, corruption would kill the country.”
Condemning killings in the Southern Kaduna in the name of religion, the Nobel laureate stated, inter alia:
would like to transfer that cry from moral zone to the terrain of
religion. If we do not tame religion in this nation, religion would kill
“I do not say kill religion, though, I wouldn’t mind a bit
if that mission could be undertaken surgically …” (Wole Soyinka, Abuja,
January 13, 2017).
One must admit that this is not the first time
our learned and renowned Nobel laureate, Prof. Soyinka has made such a
round-table condemnation and accusation of religion as the problem of
our nation and the world in general. In one of his international
Television interviews a few years ago, Soyinka made similar allegation
as follows:

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